“Urban” configurations are designed to take advantage from the urban connectivity for receiving and transmitting data to and from the infrastructure ACRONETWORK.

Those configurations are characterized by the distribution of the elements of the measurement chain into two distinct parts.

Formerly, there is an outer part, so-called “field” (field side), where both the sensors and a specific module for the local collection of signals and their transmission via radio (ACROHUB) are placed. Latterly, the configuration includes an inner part (indoor side) where the ACROSTATION “I” (indoor) resides. The station receives the radio signal from the ACROHUB and communicates with the ACRONETWORK infrastructure.

As for the OUTDOOR configurations, both third-party sensors purchased on the market of the components, and the ACRONET modular elements that can compose the configuration, are identified and/or designed as waterproof. Furthermore, they are featured with high characteristics of mechanical strength and resistance against the aggressiveness of external agents.

Same thing goes for the power supply of these devices that, in general, is guaranteed by the solar source.

For the transmission of the signal and their power supply, all the sensors are connected to the ACROHUB through specific cables. Thus, sensors must be placed closely with the ACROHUB (max 5-10 m.).

The inner part of the measuring chain is represented by the ACROSTATION “i” featured by both the functionality of receiving data from the corresponding apparatus ACROHUB, and the data logging for the storage and local processing of the measurements.

The power supply is guaranteed by home networks (220V), for which the station is equipped with internal transformer and linearizer.

The station is also equipped with a network card, used to connect via internet the configuration to the ACRONETWORK infrastructure.

The two sides are put in communication through special low-power radio modules conform to European standards for communication in the free field (Free-to-air).