In general, the establishment of a new yard imposes several environmental monitoring requirements.

They range from the analysis of the temporal concentration of specific indicators during all stages of processing (before, during, after and alternating […]

Evaluate the content of water in different soil matrixes.
The project was financed by Regione Liguria (IT) in the context of POR FESR calls. The aim of the project is building a complete prototype system […]

The main goal of MESP project regards the sustainability of port activities with particular reference to high levels of life quality in the nearby areas. Water, noise and air are taken into consideration as […]

Enhancing the Resilience in the Caribbean to reduce vulnerability (ERC)

The Enhancing Resilience to Reduce Vulnerability project in the Caribbean follows an integrated approach towards vulnerability reduction and resilience enhancement related with climate change and […]

The ACRONET “MONITORAGGIO COMUNE” project is included in the wider “PROTERINA2” Programme co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund “FESR Maritime IT-FR”. According with it, a new portal named “PROTEZIONE COMUNE” has been developed. […]

The “OpenRESMIA” project is directed by ARPAV and regards shared design, construction and installation of two new ACRONET field configurations. Those are designed, respectively, to measure “water levels” and “concentration of pollutants in […]