“Outdoor” Configurations meet all the requirements of remote monitoring in outdoor environment even in extreme environmental conditions.

They are characterized by the type of wireless connectivity (“mobile” network or “WiFi”) and by the position of all its components (outside).

According with it, both third-party sensors purchased on the market of the components, and the ACRONET modular elements that can compose the configuration, are identified and/or designed as waterproof. Furthermore, they are featured with high characteristics of mechanical strength and resistance against the aggressiveness of external agents.

In general, OUTDOOR configurations are also characterized by the complete energy autonomy guaranteed by solar power supply.

In special cases, dictated by the specific needs of the measuring system, and allowed by the presence of an electric network at the installation site, the power (though continuous, low-voltage) may be provided by intermediate sections and external linearization.

Normally an OUTDOOR configuration consists of the following basic modules:

  • The sensor equipment, which may include both elements Modular ACRONET compliant with the Paradigm (ACROSENSOR), and commercial third party sensors;
  • A station, namely ACROSTATION “O” (Outdoor), always completed under Paradigm ACRONET.

For the transmission of the signal and the power supply, all the sensors are connected to the station through specific cables. This implies that sensors must be placed closely with the station (max 5-10 m.).