The ACRONET “MONITORAGGIO COMUNE” project is included in the wider “PROTERINA2” Programme co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund “FESR Maritime IT-FR”. According with it, a new portal named “PROTEZIONE COMUNE” has been developed. Here interesting information are shared in order to mitigate the hydrogeological risk amongst public bodies and exposed subjects on the territory (citizens as well as communities).

Amongst the goals of the Programme, the strenghtening of the monitoring networks for the interestin regions is coupled with the definition of the emergency-phase behaviours and with the knowledge of the risks by the citizens.

Hence, working side-by-side with the Municipality of Quiliano (SV, Italy), a specific research and experimentation activity has started regarding appropriate Open Hardware Measuring Systems. They have to be dedicated to specific aims of monitoring and activation of the Emergency Plan regarding the overcoming of hydrological and rainfall thresholds for a small Municipality.

The project requirements include the sustainability and the possibility to duplicate the initiative at any Municipality, even with the help from its own personnel or volunteers.

These considerations led to the development of two rainfall-based and WMO-compliant configurations, “Tagliate” and “Faia”, and to the hydrometric configuration “Parodi”. These configuration can be easily proposed at any other Municipality site always with very high standards of quality and reliability as well as a low final cost of the measurements.

Regarding the rainfall stations, 3 thresholds (for 3 periods) have been defined for the activation: then, if they are overcome by the precipitations, the ACRONETWORK infrastructure sends a SMS in real time to each component of the “COC” in any operational status.

Acronet Installations of MONITORAGGIO COMUNE project: