“Mobile” Configurations meet all the requirements of remote monitoring in outdoor environment on a mobile basis. They are designed to be installed on vehicles (bicycle, motorcycle, car, train, bus, etc.) or people (wearable).

They are characterized by wireless connectivity (network “mobile” or “WiFi”) and data logging and communication (with the ACRONETWORK) capabilities are virtualized as a part of a special application for smartphones.

As for OUTDOOR configurations, both third-party sensors purchased on the market of the components, and the ACRONET modular elements that can compose the configuration, are identified and/or designed as waterproof. They are also featured by the capability to communicate via Bluetooth 4.0 with smartphone hosting the virtual datalogger.

In general, rechargeable batteries provide the power supply of these devices.

For signal transmission and their power, all the sensors are independent and, within the limits imposed by Bluetooth 4.0, they have to be mounted in a close range (max 5-10 m.).

The communication with the infrastructure ACRONETWORK is guaranteed by the functionality of the smartphone that hosts the virtual station (mobile or WiFi).