The main goal of MESP project regards the sustainability of port activities with particular reference to high levels of life quality in the nearby areas. Water, noise and air are taken into consideration as main matrixes for which pollution is evaluated in relation with port activities.

The Port Authority of La Spezia is the Project Coordinator for what concerns Air.

In this context, the dispersion of powders (dust or fine particles), fumes and gases is one of the main problem affecting port areas. According with this consideration, mitigation actions are taken into account and a continuous monitoring of the conditions is an added value. Hence, some pilot activities are foreseen for the project: one of these regards the installation of an experimental measuring station. PM10 and Ozone are the interesting parameters.

For this monitoring study the open hardware technology developed in compliance with the ACRONET Paradigm has been selected.

At the moment, 1 installation is available.

This is based on a rural configuration, namely “LaSpezia” (visit the corresponding link top right in this page).

ACRONET Installations: