Kit DIY includes:

Measuring instrument represented by the models:

  • PM2.5 sensor “LCT 12n” by Qbit Srl;
  • P-T-RH sensor “8095-N” by Lambrecht GmbH with solar shield “008141.6” by the same producer;
  • ACROSTATION o03 “a” featured with fixing collars for vertical pole (not included in the KIT) with diameter 1.1/2″.

The Kit contains also the external module aimed at transforming current from 220V to 12V (to supply energy to the PM2.5 sensor), with a voltage booster to further transform from 12V to 24V (to supply energy to the charging system dedicated to the buffer battery).


Price category:
€: 5990,00

The unitary price requested to realize the KIT is merely indicative and do not include VAT and shipping costs.
The price includes both the costs for the material and our costs related to the preparation of the kit for you.
The price could vary in different times: this could be due to particular conditions of the components’ market.

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