Enhancing the Resilience in the Caribbean to reduce vulnerability (ERC)

The Enhancing Resilience to Reduce Vulnerability project in the Caribbean follows an integrated approach towards vulnerability reduction and resilience enhancement related with climate change and natural hazards through an empowerment process of civil protection system at different level: regional (international), national and local.
Within this project, a regional Early Warning System was designed and installed through the tailored implementation of the DEWETRA platform.

The real-time monitoring network was improved in order to continuously provide up-to-date meteorological data over the area, especially during the hurricane season in the Caribbean Area.
After several attempts to improve the Caribbean network by purchasing proprietary weather stations, regional authorities (Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology – CIMH) and international organizations (UNDP) have now agreed on using the Open-source ACRONET paradigm to enhance the observations network.

This choice represents a total paradigm shift, where, instead of merely purchasing instruments, the end-user becomes developer and build their own tools. In other words, it was decided to invest in strengthening local capacities and not in buying commercial products.
In fact, all designs and implementation specifications of ACRONET Open-hardware are published and made available to the public. That enables anyone to copy,modify and redistribute the hardware and source code without paying royalties or fees. Technicians and end-users are encouraged to participate in the project evolution: Open-source hardware evolves through the community of users, which maintains and upgrades the project.
That resulted in a very fruitful cooperation with CIMH technicians, which actively participated in the design, implementation and installation of the Opensource automatic weather stations and led to the ACRONET configuration called “Caribbean”.

At the moment, the ERC project is characterized by 14 installations (5 already operational). These are based on a rural configuration, namely “Caribbean” (visit the corresponding link top right in this page).

Acronet installations in the ERC Project: