PM10 sensor
FDS 15
Supplier: Mavetec Info
YUASA NP 12-12
Supplier: : YUASA Info

The measurement chain provides for the maintenance of a sensor for the measurement of PM10, and of a remote station built in application of the Paradigm. The detector FDS 15 from the manufacturer Mavetec is used as a measuring instrument: the determination of the dust content is based on the scattered light method. The station is the ACROSTATION device of the “O” (outdoor) family released in release 04. The station includes the “Station” ACROboard electronic card, in its most updated release, dedicated to both data collection and transmission functions (via GPRS ), with internal antenna and to manage the energy supply to the components (and recharge the buffer battery). Power is supplied by the mains connection, combined with a 12V and 12 Ah buffer battery.


You can use the firmware to manage the electronic side of the apparatuses, while the basic implementation is fundamental to run the system


Environment: rural, open field
Latitude: medium
Aggression: normal
Mechanical stress: normal
Temperature Excursion: -15° + 40°
Network coverage: GPRS


Type: Outdoor
Energy source: rete elettrica
Battery: 12V e 12Ah
Backup energy source: Battery 2N-AIR
Primary connectivity: GPRS
Secondary connectivity: Low frequency satellite radio

For this configuration the DIY KIT is available

The DIY kit contains all the material and the documentation necessary for the realization in own and on-site installation of your monitoring station ACRONET. End user remains only the task of assembling the individual components and place them in a “work” according to the types of fasteners indicated. For configurations connected to the infrastructure via wireless GPRS simply insert a SIM card enabled for GPRS data traffic (2G). From that moment all data read and sent according to the file will be sent to the infrastructure set-up and remains available to portal ACRONETWORK.ORG.