The ACRONET paradigm refers to the more general definition of “Measuring System” as defined by the third release of the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM3), published and maintained by the “Bureau International de Poids et Mesures de” (BIPM, ISO Institution):

“set of one or more measuring instruments and often other devices, …, assembled and adapted to give information used to generate measured quantity values within specified intervals for quantities of specified kinds“

All the ACRONET “Configurations” comply with this definition, implementing every times a measuring chains:

“series of elements of a measuring system constituting a single path of the signal from a sensor to an output element“

The definition of “Measuring Instrument” presented in the vocabulary is quite simpler:

“device used for making measurements, alone or in conjunction with one or more supplementary devices“

It is important to point out the notes linked to the previous definitions.

A measuring system may consist of only one measuring instrument and a measuring instrument that can be used alone is a measuring system (the simplest), although in this case is basically a theoretical formulation.

Most of the time in fact, the “Measuring Instruments“, working and allowing the reading of the measures to the users, need to establish a connection with a series of equipments more or less complex. In this way a simple “Measuring Chain” is created.
Furthermore, each Measuring Chain is composed by proper “ACRONET Modular Elements”, compliant with the Paradigm (realized according with it) and related to third-party modular elements (most of the time measuring instruments).

Appropriately selecting a type of Chain, the elements that compose it and the related connections it gives rise to a particular “Configuration“.

Each Configuration ends with the ACRONETWORK infrastructure: this is an andvanced clud aming at collecting and displaying data via internet.

In particular, rules are defined for the infrastructure to continuously compare the remote measurements with customized thresholds that any user can define by himself for any onwned sensor.

Any time a threshold is exceeded, ACRONETWORK alerts the users about what is happening with any available media (SMS, tweet, facebook posts, etc): this makes every “measuring system” a complete “monitoring system”.