configurazione fiere
YUASA NP 12-12
Supplier: YUASA Info
Light Panel
Supplier: Robles & C. Info
o03 E

The name derives from the site of the first installation of the Configuration (Fiera di Ferrara, during RemTech 2017 event). The control chain involves the combination of a light panel (3 flashing lights) dedicated to informing the population about regional warning levels and a remote station created in application of the Paradigm.

The instrument controlled by the configuration is the light panel (3 lights) produced by Robles, with lights having a diameter of 80 mm. and with background and light intensity compliant with the reference standards. The station is the ACROSTATION device of the “O” family (outdoor) released in the latest version.

The station includes the ACROboard “Station” v04 electronic board, in its most updated release. This board is dedicated both to the data collection and transmission functions (via GPRS, with internal antenna) and to the management of the energy supply to the components (and charging of the buffer battery).

The power supply is supplied by a 220V power line, suitably converted and stabilized at 24V, combined with a 12V and 12 Ah buffer battery (which does not power the light panel, but only the Station).

As far as the actual operation of the Configuration is concerned, the station receives from the end user the instruction of switching on, switching off or changing light and operates accordingly, returning, with the same continuity, the time series of data in native form.

The configuration firmware (pre-installed in the microcontroller on board the ACROBoard Station, for the first power-on, the basic configuration file is stored in memory) allows for metadata, time integration, and a first accuracy check.

Finally, the GPRS module, with an unencrypted HTTP protocol, transmits the data according to the configuration file to the ACRONETWORK infrastructure, with frequencies updating the order of minutes.

The Configuration allows the addition, also afterwards, of the optional Back-up Modules described below: – Communication: Low-frequency Satellite Radio, not influenced by weather conditions.

configurazione fiere

You can use the firmware to manage the electronic side of the apparatuses, while the basic implementation is fundamental to run the system


Ambiente: urban, rural, open field
Latitude: average
Aggression: normal
Mechanical stress: normal
Escursione termica: -15° +40°
Network Coverage: GPRS mobile network, strong and stable signal


Type: Outdoor
Energy sorurce: 220V
Batteria: 12V e 12Ah
Fonte energetica backup:
Connettività primaria: GPRS
Connettività secondaria:

For this configuration the DIY KIT is available

The DIY kit contains all the material and the documentation necessary for the realization in own and on-site installation of your monitoring station ACRONET. End user remains only the task of assembling the individual components and place them in a “work” according to the types of fasteners indicated. For configurations connected to the infrastructure via wireless GPRS simply insert a SIM card enabled for GPRS data traffic (2G). From that moment all data read and sent according to the file will be sent to the infrastructure set-up and remains available to portal ACRONETWORK.ORG.