ACROLABs are our experimental thematic laboratories for the comparison of Open Hardware environmental systems

The data of the various configurations can be read in real time both on the Acronetwork site and by querying @AcronetBot on Telegram

Acrolab Campus

It is the first of the experimental laboratories where all the new designed configurations are tested directly

Acrolab Capriccioli

It is the experimental laboratory dedicated to the tourist aspects of environmental monitoring. The site is extremely windy and in the summer, for long periods, the installations work at high operating temperatures.

Acrolab Raffaelli

It is the experimental laboratory dedicated to the problems of sustainable tourism

Acrolab Vivaio

It is the experimental laboratory located at an altitude (978 m asl) in the Ligurian Apennines, where Acronet installations are subject to extreme conditions of wind, temperature and long periods of poor solar lighting.