Level 0 : Configurations

Tech Specs

Name : Canaletto
Type : Outdoor
List Of Variable temperature ozone particulate_matter
Short Description: Outdoor Configuration, Professional, designed for continuous measurement of "Concentration of Ozone", "Temperature of the Air" and "particulate matter". Plugged local, after processing and linearization. Data communication via the mobile network (GPRS signal strong and stable).


The configuration is an Outdoor one, called Canaletto from the name of the project site (Marina del Canaletto, port area in La Spezia, Italy) of the first installation. The Canaletto Configuration was firstly used in the EMMA Project and the variables of interest were Temperature (T), Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter (PM10). The Configuration is composed at the Modular Element Level by an ACROSTATION R 01a* coupled with both a third party sensor (PM10 by Qbit Optronics Srl), an ACROSENSOR O3T o01 and an ACROSENSOR T o01 (to have a back-up monitoring of the air-temperature). In this page, it possible to find the links to those elements that compose the Configuration as well as the software (that can be downloaded) requested to run it. *exceptionally for this installation, electricity is supplied via cable (no solar panel)

Download Box

This area includes both the firmware dedicated to this specific Configuration and the basic implementation. You can use the firmware to manage the electronic side of the apparatuses, while the basic implementation is fundamental to run the system (define parameters, position, etc.). You can easily download them or find them in the GitHub repository.


The Firmware is the program (sequence of instructions) that has to be integrated directly into the microcontroller placed on the ACROBoard selected for the Configuration. Its main purpose is to start the MIC as well as to interact with the other electronic items. Here you can find the .7z, the .zip folders and the link to the GitHub repository.


Basic Implementation

This set of files is coupled with the firmware and is fundamental to set specific operational parameters (position, frequency of logging, etc.).Here you can find the .7z, the .zip folders and the link to the GitHub repository.