“Ambient” configurations deal with the requirements of “remote” and “local” monitoring in the indoor environment.

No limits are defined in relation to the great heterogeneity of possible cases. Thus  the connection with the ACRONETWORK infrastructure may occur either wirelessly (network “Moblle” or “WiFi”) and through the urban connectivity (ADSL) if present.

The measuring chain is made on the basis of the following components:

  • The sensor equipment, which may include both commercial elements of third parties, and specific modular elements compliant with the Paradigm (ACROSENSOR “i”);
  • The modular elements of the family ACROSTATION “i” (indoor), quite similar to those used for URBAN configurations.

For the transmission of the signal, the sensors are connected to the station through low-power radio modules, and must be placed in a short range (max 40-50 m.). Normally they are fed with replaceable batteries.

Similarly to what is proposed for the URBAN configurations, the ACROSTATION “i” is powered by the home network (220V).