Level 1 : Acronet Modular Elements

Tech Specs

Type: Acrostation o
Short Description: The ACROSTATION o03 A is the first evolution of version 02 A, that one of its electronic equipment replaces the old ACROboard Tab "Station" with the new v01 ACROboard "Station" v02. The ACROSTATION has five holes on the bottom of 'Enclosure. The 03A version uses two of them.


In ACROSTATION o03 Station A is included Electronic card ACROboard "Station" v02, in its latest release.

This board is dedicated both to the collection function and data transmission (via GPRS, with internal antenna) that the supply management of energy to the components (and charging the buffer battery).

Finally, the GPRS module, with an unencrypted HTTP protocol, transmits data in accordance with the configuration file ACRONETWORK infrastructure, with the update frequency of the order of minutes Under normal irradiation of the site, the power supply is only guaranteed from solar energy through the supplied panel to the station.

The 'ACROSTATION has five holes (one about improving stabilization of pressure), places the bottom of the enclosure.

In the 03A version they use two holes initially dedicated to Configurations Magliotto, St. Peter and Legino. The remaining 3 holes allow, in the next step, to deploy additional sensors inside the station.