Level 1 : Acronet Modular Elements

Tech Specs

Type: Acrostation o
Short Description: The ACROSTATION o02 D is the 3rd evolution of the A one.


Main Feature Data LoggingStorage dataData Communication via GPRS
Main Components ACROboard station v01 r09Battery Charger Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75/15battery Victron Energy 12V/66Ah AGM deep cycle Indoor Antenna GSM/UMTS Penta Band MULTICOMPONENT DURATOOL  D00406  ROLLING TOOL BOX Solar Panel FV Surana 110 W

The ACROSTATION o02 D is the 3rd evolution of the A one. It differs from the release A with particular reference to both the power module and the selected box.

Regarding the power module, the usual battery charger adopted for the previous releases of the ACROSTATION o02 (ACROboard Power v01 r04) is substituted by the third-party Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75/15.

Furthermore, the battery is more powerful in comparison with the normal ones: this release of the ACROSTATION o02 uses the Victron Energy 12V/66Ah AGM deep cycle Battery.

The external use box selected for this station is represented by the  DURATOOL  D00406  ROLLING TOOL BOX. It features:

  • enough space to contain both the battery and the whole electronic equipments of the station;
  • capability to be easily moved in different interesting points that requires the monitoring (it is equipped with wheels);
  • robustness: it is crucial, being the station initially thought for areas interested by the presence of yards.

The receiving/transmitting of data is made, either directly, through the GPRS module supplied.

As reported above, the ACROSTATION o02 D uses a  RS Lead Acid 12V 66 Ah battery that normally ensures a prolonged operation in case of low irradiation conditions.