Level 1 : Acronet Modular Elements

Tech Specs

Type: Acrosensor
Short Description: Measuring Level with ultrasounds (height, hydrometrical level, snow level, etc.)


 Main Feature Measuring Level with ultrasounds (height, hydrometrical level, snow level, etc.)
Main Components transducer MAXBOTIX MB7563transducer MAXBOTIX MB7958
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The measuring instrument ACROSENSOR ULG o03 is dedicated to outdoor measurements, through an ultrasonic transducer, of level. It can be adopted for various level measurements in the field of the environmental monitoring: the most commons are the hydrometrical and the snow levels.

The instrument offers a resolution of 1 mm. (higher than what ULG o02 offered) and a wide range of measure (0-1000 cm.). The signal is opportunely compensated in temperature with an external thermometer (directly linked with the level transducer) in order to ensure the proper registration of the levels even with different atmospheric conditions.

In the standard mode, the ACROSENSOR ULG o02 sends a signal through a serial cable (RS232) to the ACRONET Station which can be easily interfaced with (all equipped with configurable serial ports).

Thanks to its compactness, it can be easily installed on civil structures (light poles, pylons) by using standard fasteners or with appropriate support structure (masts, outreaches, etc.).

Detailed Characteristics

Range of measure: 0 - 1000 cm

Accuracy: +/- 5 mm

Resolution: 1 mm.

Frequency of acquisition: 0.57 Hz

Frequency of the ultrasonic signal: 42kHz

Simple RS232 Interface

Compliant with the RoHS CE Directive

Read from all 3 select sensor outputs: Analog Voltage, Serial, Pulse Width

Operational Voltage: 2.7 - 5.5V

Current required: lesser than 68 mA

Operational Temperature: from -40˚C to +65˚C

Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, ambient noise)


Narrow detection zone.


The measuring instrument is contained in an IP67 box.