Level 2 : Acroboard

Tech Specs

Type: Signal
Name: AcroBoard Signal v02 r04
Short Description: Integrated component - based board Silicon Labs Si8920BC-IP (analog amplifier) that enables conversion of the voltage sensors with 4-20mA output.


The AcroBoard Signal v02 aims in interfacing the AcroBoard Station with analog sensors providing also a galvanic isolation.

The card, physically, is divided into two parts:

- the left one is reserved for the sensors. Current (4-20mA) and voltage sensors output are managed. Also sensors power supply is provided by the AcroBoard Signal v02.

- the right one dedicated to send the isolated and converted output to the AcroBoard Station.

The isolated conversion is basend on theĀ Si8920, an Isolation Amplifier for Shunt Current Measurement from Silicon Labs.

Download Box

This area includes both the firmware dedicated to this specific board and the artifacts useful to realize it. Regarding the firmware, you can easily download it or find it in the GitHub repository. You can directly download the artifacts from the box.


The Firmware is the program (sequence of instructions) that has to be integrated directly into the microcontroller placed on the ACROBoard. Its main purpose is to start the MIC as well as to interact with any other electronic items. Here you can find the .7z, the .zip folders and the link to the GitHub repository.


The artifacts include each step of the project regarding the board. Hence, it is possible to find the electronic schematics, as well as the mounting plan and the KiCad files. Everything can be directly downloaded from the box.