Level 2 : Acroboard

Tech Specs

Type: Power
Name: AcroBoard Power v01
Short Description: Battery charger, based on the Linear Technology LT3652 IC, one input (solar panel) and three output (battery, load and Charge/Fault signals).


Battery-charger based on the Linear Technology LT3652 IC. The module has one input (solar panel) and three outputs (Battery, Load and Charge/Fault signals) and allows the load to be powered by the battery or directly by the panel (if the voltage is greater than the battery one). It is possible to link directly the electronic items that compose the board from the right column of this page.

Download Box

This area includes both the firmware dedicated to this specific board and the artifacts useful to realize it. Regarding the firmware, you can easily download it or find it in the GitHub repository. You can directly download the artifacts from the box.


The artifacts include each step of the project regarding the board. Hence, it is possible to find the electronic schematics, as well as the mounting plan and the KiCad files. Everything can be directly downloaded from the box.