Open hardware environmental monitoring systems for height and intensity of precipitation, hydrometric and snow level, air temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed

A new model of design, production, distribution, and installation on field of environmental monitoring system Open Hardware released in Open Source
Professional standards and sustainability finally together!


   kit  DIY KIT

The realization by yourself, installation in situ by simple upgrade kit DIY (IKEA Model) and the low final cost of the measures make an ACRONET environmental monitoring systems network ethically sustainable, adoptable without major initial investments and manageable for all, in full autonomy.

Data are always available in real time on web platform, from which you can set notifications via e-mail or sms, on alarm or alert thresholds.

Platform for Environmental monitoring systems open hardware Acronet

Acronet numbers






Measured variables


Real-time daily samples

Global Live Index

Shows, in percentage, the number of samples received by ACRONET installations within the agreed time. It updates at each sending and objectively measure the reliability of the paradigm in relation to the performance of the apparatuses and the transmission system.


acrolab ACROLABs

Experimental thematic laboratories for comparing environmental monitoring systems.

officina  Acronet laboratories

All mounting and installation KIT DIY are made according to a specific process, for which it is going to obtain the quality certification ISO 9000. The process ends with a test period when, before packing and shipping, each piece is assembled and tested in operational conditions in a query box "Nursery".

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